Cooking lessons are not on set days during the week.  It depends on when I get the requests, and I combine groups that want to have a class on the same day.  The maximum number in a class is 12.  The class goes from 9:30 am until 2:00 pm.

Dishes vary, depending on your taste, the season, and the availability of fresh and high-quality ingredients in the local market.

We can arrange a class for your own group or you can join one of our open group classes. If you get in touch, I will be happy to help you find an option that would suit you.

As the class is private, it’s possible to tailor it to your personal interests: perhaps you’d like to learn to make risotto, or would prefer a vegetarian menu? Just let Amy know in advance, and you can agree on a menu to suit your taste.


Amy’s Cucina is located in her elegant period home on the beautiful Via Zezio, a short walk from the centre of Como. Full details of the meeting point will be provided upon booking.


50 euro per person per class for 5 or more.

4 people is 60 per person.

3 and under is considered a private class and will cost more.  3 people 80 euros per person, 2 people is 100 euros per person.

We can do evening classes.  5 or more people is 60 euros per person.

Even if you are only 1-4 people, we can post the class and let others sign up.

Please contact me by email or phone:

+39 333 217 3495